Represented Artists

Rewa Walia

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist based in New Zealand with an interest in art as a catalyst in critical thinking in society. Inspired by digital media as a continuos tool of changing expressions, I also borrow symbols and icons from popular media. Art is my way of intervention. 

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh has taught and lectured extensively in India including University of Rajasthan and College of Architecture in Chandigarh. He lives and works between Morni Hills, Chandigarh and Auckland (Newzealand). His practice includes drawing, painting, video, performance and installation work. He perceives the human body as a vessel of myriad aspects and his practice pays attention to memory, identity, human relationships, and shared narratives. It often invites participation and exchange between himself and his audiences, seeking to blur the relationship between space and situation in order to open new grounds for thought and exchange. His work draws the viewer’s attention towards the painful truths of migration and displacement. His ideologies and practices incorporate influences as varied as Modernism and Eastern spiritual beliefs. 

Recently, Singh has focused on site-specific performances that are made in response to a location that is selected on arrival. He has participated in a number of workshops and symposiums and has also worked in Auckland Art Gallery. Harpreet is the founder and producer of MHPAB Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale.

Natasha Jozi


Natasha Jozi (b. 1988, Islamabad, Pakistan) is a visual thinker, artist and writer, interested in the performative self, collective experience and overlaps between the scientific and the spiritual. Her performative and video works explore the tendencies and tensions between bodies and non-bodies. Jozi’s performative works instigate the physical and the psychic space through engaging with moments of silence, the politics of the gaze, meditation, repetitive actions and experiential environments.


Through her performative works she activates the space and allows her body to channelize the energy fields of all material and immaterial bodies. We experience and understand ourselves through the ways we relate to others and this provides us with a perspective towards personal and interpersonal actions. Jozi is interested in the material and immaterial agencies in our eco-systems that constantly engage with our energy and aura and activate our environments. Furthermore investigate ways to transmit all that we associate to the immaterial into the material world.

Annem Zaidi

Guillaume Dufour Morin

Guillaume Dufour Morin (Rimouski, QC, Canada) is a performance artist and conceptual writing artist, curator and educator. His production focus is on the politics of cleanliness by detournement and infiltration strategie, using the intermediality of art action, ready-made, social sculpture, video performanc, installation, publication, sound art and  in daily life and public space life situations with social engagement and humour. residencies, exhibitions and public spaces, either individually, in duo or collectively, in Quebec province and internationally (Slovakia, Serbia, Deutschland, India, Columbia, Israel). As an artist and curator, his interests are the limits of living poetry, contemporary writings and community based-work in a contextual, participative and interdisciplinary approach.